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My Story

Some years ago, I became the caregiver for my parents at the end of their lives. I chose to do this, and felt very grateful that I was able to provide for them during their time of need. This painful but special period with my folks also made me aware that I felt on purpose and complete when present and caring for my loved ones. I always knew the meaning of family, yet a uniquely significant force was born of this experience, a calling… my lifework.

My Mission

Home, family, privacy and the protection of these are the most precious values in my life. Being present and caring for those I love makes me happiest…But, not everyone feels certain and accomplished when caring for loved ones; and separation as well as withdrawal among family members frequently occurs. It is my mission to help families discover meaningful moments of wholeness and unity, by creating an opening through which a legacy and memory is conceived in art and energy healing.

The Process

I design textured forms which represent creation, bond, community and the delicate symbolism of sanctuary in culture through art. Some pieces are visual abstract images of nurturing safe places; and others are ceramic figures, interlaced with unique elements for a touch of oneness and kinship.  All of my work, whether paintings or sculptures, are built with gentle intentions during a ritual infused with restorative energy. Within each piece a compelling message is integrated… a missive intent on uniting and reaffirming family ties and relationships.