About Ellie Manso Kane

A self-taught contemporary visual artist, and a practicing certified energy healer, Ellie is on a mission to bring about healing through her artwork. She has been creating sensitive and meaningful art, impacting lives, since 1999.  

Ellie was born in Havana, Cuba and has resided in Miami, Florida since 1962, when she left the island through Operation Pedro Pan. Her art conveys her inner passage through life – from her Caribbean roots where vibrancy and intensity played a major role, to a sense of gratitude and discovery along her artistic path.

She uses mixed media and collage, ceramics, found objects and inspirational words in her pieces which significantly highlight entity and presence. Ellie creates with a purpose – offering a quiet voice to those in search of connection.

Ellie’s story is not unlike that of many…her insight and journey have led her to uniquely relate to those who collect her work. Her designs are personal, intimate and moving. Her path is clearly defined, and there is a sense of essence and entity in her artistry…

the whole of who she is.