My Story

Many journeys throughout my life have formed my convictions and principles. From the day when at the age of 11 my parents placed me on a plane from Cuba to the United States, not knowing if I would ever see them again; to raising my daughters as a young, single mother while undergoing financial hardships; enduring the aches of rejection; and some years ago, when I became the caregiver for my parents at the end of their lives. This painful but special period with my folks also made me aware that I felt on purpose and complete when present and caring for my loved ones. As a matter of fact, all of these life events, and many others, assured me that it is all about family for me. I always knew the meaning of kinship, yet an especially significant force was born of these experiences, a calling…my lifework.

The Process

Through my work as an artist, I design textured forms which represent creation, bond, community and the symbolism of sanctuary. Some pieces are visual abstract images of nurturing safe places which include collage and mixed media; and others are ceramic figures, interlaced with unique elements for a touch of identity.  I also create photographs on metal and canvas which focus on acknowledging genealogy. All of my work, whether paintings, photographs or sculptures, are built with gentle intentions during a ritual infused with soothing energy.  Within each piece, an intuitive message is integrated…a missive intent on strengthening and reaffirming family ties and relationships.

In dealing with family concerns, it is essential to honor Ancestry. This allows us to open a door into ourselves and our inherited beliefs and traits which have been passed down through origin and culture. Understanding and recognizing our roots can bring healing to certain aspects of our ancestral trauma and pain. As an Energy Healer, I have created a process impacting acceptance and forgiveness of familial grief. This technique is offered to clients looking to release emotional injuries which may be affecting their wellbeing and relationships.