Nidos and Webs

During my artistic career, which started in 1999, I have changed mediums as subjects that I’ve become fascinated with have called for. Presently, my medium of choice is acrylics; and for the past three years, the intensity of my work has been through the use of liquefied acrylics – as in this series – which are manipulated with great care, patience and resolve. The handling of this technique is gentle in order to obtain a desired result (that of lightness, translucency, softness and a marble-like glow). My art and my life are interlaced…so typically my work would depict my reflections, whims, passions and surroundings, both close-at-hand and globally.

Although there is no consistent place where my inspiration comes from, much of it originates from the natural world. Movement and rhythm usually play a part in my paintings, in some way.
In this series, “Nidos and Webs”, as I soul-searched to find meaning to the significance of creating conceptual nests and related webs, I was reminded how home, family, privacy and the protection of these have always been the most precious values in my life. As a single mother, years ago, those were my priorities. I created a cozy, private, treasured sanctuary for my girls and I…banded together with a fabric of delicate, yet enduring respect and love.

In Bigfork, Montana, where I reside in the summers, we are visited by a Mama Robin every year, which dutifully creates her little home on our back porch for her newborn babes. I’ve been captivated for many years by watching this process unfold: from the minute she starts building her nest, until her babies come to life and fly away. It’s simply enchanting to me.

As my art often acts as a symbol for my life experiences, this recent work has specifically centered alongside ecology, maternity and kinship.

Webs, like Nests, are netted textured forms which appealed to me as representation of creation, bond and community. I’ve composed visual abstract images of playful, yet nurturing and gentle environments. Within each piece exists a relationship between the longing for independence vs. caution; the contrast between the singular and the whole; and the reality that we are profoundly linked to nature and the totality of all that is.